Il post di oggi è dedicato all’illustrazione e ad un’artista che già molti conoscono. Vi propongo un’intervista molto interessante a Tran Nguyen artista nata in Vietnam e cresciuta negli Stati Uniti che realizza illustrazioni davvero molto suggestive con una particolare predilezioni per il blu e l’oro.

Con questa piccola intervista a Tran Nguyen  ho voluto scoprire qualcosa in più sul suo lavoro e sul suo processo creativo e te la propongo, non perderla!

Tran Nguyen realizza bellissimi dipinti ispirati all’Art Nouveau fantastici e surreali con matite colorate e smalti acrilici su carta, questi mezzi le consentono di esprimere una grande attenzione ai dettagli.

É vero infatti che le sue illustrazioni sono così ricche di particolari che devono essere osservate con molta attenzione e devo dire che è sempre un piacere riscoprire le sue opere e trovare sempre più elementi descrittivi.


Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Intervista: Tran Nguyen


Q: Ciao Tran, thanks for accepting this interview! Tell us something about yourself.

A: Hello, my name is Tran, pronounced “tron,” like the movie. I’m a freelance illustrator & gallery artist with an interest in therapeutic imagery.

I was born in Vietnam, raised in the States, and enjoy soccer, pickles, and spontaneous adventures. I also dislike slow-moving cashiers and stained toilet seats.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: How would you define your style?

A: It’s generally a personification of a psychological impulse, with a splash of surrealism and a pint of fantasy.


Q: What message do you want communicate with your work? What sensations do you want the viewer feels looking at your work?

A: I try to pinpoint the concept behind each of my paintings toward a specific but universal emotion we’ve all dealt with in our lives.  It’s my hope that the viewer can relate, recollect, thus foster well-being from what they interpret.  It’s ubiquitous to say that life is a series of hardship and each year is tougher.  In all, I’d like for my work to serve as a buffer in getting through these tough times.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran NguyenIntervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: Tell us something about your technique, we know that you use colored pencils, acrylics and glaze, seems a long and laborious process.

A: I usually start off with many, many layers of acrylic (40+). After that, I’ll go back and begin noodling in the details with the colored pencils.  I’ll alternate back and forth from acrylic to colored pencils till I achieve a smooth, gradient finish in the render. Depending on the size, it takes about 2-3 weeks for a finished painting.


Q: The blue, ocher and gold seem to be a recurring element of your work, it is just a matter of aesthetics or there is a specific meaning?

A: That’s my go-to palette! I adore how they complement each other to create the mood that I’m looking for. Blue is also my favorite color.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: What are your points of reference in the world of art? Which artists are a source of inspiration for your work?

A: I’m heavily influenced by fashion photographers and designers.  I love the beauty of fabric and its many elegant folds and billows, which is often depicted in my work.


Q: Which contemporary artists do you like?

A: There’s quite a bit. James Jean, Joao Ruas, Kali Ciesemier, Amano Yoshitaka, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki, are just a few. Especially Miyazaki. So many aspects of his work influence me — his odd creature designs, well-developed protagonists, and sublime environments.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: Looking back in your great collection which is your favorite work, the one you are more connected and why?

A: I would say one of my older works, “For the Lost & Unfound.” It depicts a deeply personal story of someone close to me. This was actually created my senior year in college.


Q: What are you working on now?

A: I’m currently working on a magazine cover and several group shows that will be curated by Thinkspace Gallery – one in London and another in the Midwest. I hope to unveil them soon!

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen

Ringrazio Tran per aver accettato l’intervista, visitate il sito di Tran Nguyen per vedere tutti i suoi lavori.

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