This morning, after discovering that there is a crazy mob in the market for DIY posts, I am going to publish the third article. In an attempt to publish a previous tutorial on a american site dedidcato to do it yourself, Today I discover that the submission was not accepted because: Composition – too tight. In short I think I understand that the images that explain step by step what to do are not sufficient to understand what to do! Perhaps it should be written first ten lines of arrogant fuckin 'around (ummmm… I'm giving acid).

Anyway. What you need?

♥ cardboard; ♥ the ring (:P); ♥ paper book (the same book you can't read. The Harmony help.); ♥ glue; ♥ scissor; ♥ small brush;


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Hello Valentina here, art director, bloggers and tea lover. I like to discover new things and love the creativity in all forms, seeking creative ideas and resources for my work and I am convinced that you are so. Am I wrong?

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