With Christmas just outside, after finally bought gifts for family and friends, is now time for the decoration of the house. Christmas is a classic opportunity to feel at peace and good with the whole world, at least once a year anyone deserve it. To me Christmas brings to mind chill off and a blanket on the couch, cartoons and sugary songs while doing the tree, dim lights, candles, pine cones everywhere and, by the last year, also a nice wreath hung on the front door. This year the first thing that came to my mind to realize is the wreath wool three soft colors and then I jumped on the white and grey. Achieve pom poms turned out to be a complicated thing considering, to have a nice big soft Garland, I had to create 34 hairy balls. Suggestion? Watch a movie in the meantime! Merry Christmas!

DIY Ghirlanda di natale

Ps.: The last year wreath's is here.

coloured wool;
fil di ferro;
paper adhesive tape;
hot glue;

2. Let a clove open when cut the cardboard to pass the wool ball;
2. realize different sizes with the cardboard base;
3. use a long rope to stop the pom pom;
6. realize two circles of equal size for the base of the wreath and stop it with garden hose clamps before re-coating with paper tape;
7. stop pom poms into place by a knot and paste it with hot glue;

DIY Ghirlanda di natale

DIY Ghirlanda di natale

DIY Ghirlanda di natale

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