Tthe light can Christmas Garland is an Anglo-Saxon tradition more than Italian. Even if by a little several Italians have been converted to this type of decoration, as the undersigned, There are other traditions that we are indispensable like typical christmas recipes and the advent calendar and the ubiquitous crib that in Naples is the real star of Christmas. Besides you can not go because every region and town has its own particular declination of the feast and celebrate in a thousand different ways, If we tell them all we end up after new year and maybe even after. If in America and England wreath remembers Christmas in Italy the garland also has a strong meaning of commemoration and national mourning for several events, most, notoriously.

However in full Christmas atmosphere would suggest jumping on DIY and make a Garland with tutorial below!

1. Snowball Wreath

10 ghirlande natalizie DIY

2. Christmas Wreath

10 ghirlande natalizie DIY

3. Glitter Wreath Tutorial

10 ghirlande natalizie DIY

4. Burlap ‘Bubble’ Wreath

10 ghirlande natalizie DIY

5. Raffia Wreath

10 ghirlande natalizie DIY

6. Christmas wreath

10 ghirlande natalizie DIY

7. Cornhusk Wreath

8. Doily Wreath

9. Egg Wreath

10. Paper Wreath

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