At the bottom of the chart is a job as another. Has positive moments of extreme creativity and pure fun and then, the presentation of the project… moments of discouragement. Who is to blame?

But of the clients of course!

Maybe it doesn't work as well for all clients, not everyone will be harassing and undecided, but if designers always complain of the same things a reason there will be, isn't it?

Sharp Suits is a project that follows the controversy between designers and clients around the world with a series of posters designed by Paddy and Mark (— Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy).

Follies and idiosyncrasies typical customer with unclear ideas… the kind where you have to explain not to use the “comic sans”. And I've said it all.


Here's an excerpt of Sharp Suits project poster. Over time the collection is definitely maximized with the help of agencies, designers, illustrators that have helped make more colourful caricature of the typical client… what we hope to never find.


Graphic designers and customers

Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Grafici e clienti Web Print SharpSuitsJAZZ


Visit website Sharp Suits and the site of Paddy and Mark, but to finish worthily leave a comment and let us know how you behaved your customer more harassing. Share your tragedies and be rewarded… very understanding.

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