Natural forms have always exercised a strong attraction upon me. Like many consider some items created by nature as perfect, impossible to improve or better yet, impossible to imagine something different from what already exists. So if some things are done a certain way one reason there will be, isn't it? So if you want to keep a small part of magic to admire it forever you must find an effective way to recreate the characteristics that are most attractive.

In this article told the jewelry designer Susanne Klemm, She found an effective way to preserve the beauty of the shapes using the polymer resin.

DIY paper wall art

I don't own polymer resins, and certainly do not want to copy the work done by an artist, but I should make a natural form for decorative purposes with the materials I can find at home. Now, don't ask me how but I came across but a very interesting marine life: i barnacles.

crustaceans that create real communities in shells stacked one on the other as small apartment buildings and rounded shape. I find them beautiful. The form inspires me and then the following project is inspired by barnacles.

Useful materials:

  • fibrous paper;
  • balloons;
  • glue and water;
  • hot glue;
  • old paintbrush.


Model paper:



The fibrous paper is usually thick, to make it malleable should be left in water to soften (3). To be clear I used of handmade paper from an old small scketchbook I did not use more, too small to draw or write something useful.

Once the paper is softened you must obtain the rags from paper leaflets then (4) tear the leaves into smaller pieces with irregular fibers because the beauty is exploit the natural texture of this type of card.

Create the barnacles:

4 5 651

Once you have created the rags of paper you have to find a way to model and round them. The best way is to use the balloons and inflate according to the measure that you want to get (4). I have inflated a little because I wanted the barnacle small to be included in a little frame.

With pieces of paper still wet cover the balloon from the base near the node leaving the other side open (5). Roll out well with the brush fibers and when you are sure of the outcome spread around the cocoon of paper with white glue and water (6). You'll just have to wait for it to dry barnacles.

Final result:




To remove the balloon just puncture it with scissors and gently release the cocoon of paper. Le voila! You will get your barnacles in a snap using the old or unused paper and you have created a small marine world to hang as decoration for your walls.

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  1. Netta

    This project was quite stunning!!! It’s easy, simple and the results knocked me out!!


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