I tell you the truth: the Interior all whites are a little’ my secret dream. I always wanted to live in a house with entirely white rooms, the boiserie and the floor with wide slats of wood rough bleached. A house on the beach, a dog on the porch waiting for me with a cup of hot tea.

Note that with the white it is almost impossible to be mistaken, good for the classic and the modern ones, whether you prefer the minimal style or the most gorgeous white is the color most suited to increase the brightness an environment and possibly bring out a particular item (furniture, picture).

The total white allows you to play with the colors, for a more modern and even with opening up to more possibilities of style. Add the White interior materials such as wood, Wicker, rattan, wool or cotton in natural colours will approach more the style shabby chic. If you add metal, furniture and accessories from the dark shades and maybe salvage items you have created the industrial style.

However you want to put the to the idea of purity and candor of cleanliness and order, Here is a collection of white interiors to take inspiration for your home or a room that you would like to renew.

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Total White Total White Total White Total White Total White Total White Total White Total White Total White stuff

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Hello Valentina here, art director, bloggers and tea lover. I like to discover new things and love the creativity in all forms, seeking creative ideas and resources for my work and I am convinced that you are so. Am I wrong?

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  1. kahina

    Gorgeous selection! I’m a great white lover, too. I love the one near the sea, it’s seem so soft and quiet, like in my dream, I want one like that in Greece one day! :)


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