That I am presenting today is the classic example of Christmas decoration that can be realized at the last minute and allows you to make a great impression with your guests. For this diy tutorial nothing easier than to loot your fridge or small greenhouse and take home a few amount of rosemary!

But not only… read more and find out how to make a Mini rosemary wreath!

Christmas craft: Mini rosemary wreath

This quick tutorial is made with simple materials that you can easily find at home. The cost of craft is low then you can create several mini garlands and use them as you wish (gifts, decorations for tree, placeholder).

The materials:

  1. branches of fresh rosemary: you can choose the lengths of your choice, Obviously the longer the branch is the largest will be mini wreath;
  2. wire: the thinnest you can find on the market, both because it's easier to model, both it is less invasive;
  3. twine: for decoration and to hide the wire;



Since my rosemary branches are too short I decided to combine them with the wire for the stronger end as you can see below (photos 2). After this operation you must merge the two free ends of branches with wire. use little so you can camouflage it among the foliage (photos 3).



This is the result almost finished (photos 4) but there is still a step to hide the wire with twig (photos 5).



Finished! Nothing more simple isn't it? In case you don't have the wire you can always use the hot glue to close the mini wreath. But I would say that we have not yet finished…


Christmas craft: Christmas labels free download

My original idea was to use this mini rosemary wreath as a decoration for the Christmas gifts.

In this case, you can add a Christmas tags to identify the gifts. In this article, in addition to mini wreath, I also realized the Christmas vintage tags to print for free.



If you like you can download the pdf here and print them with your home printer.



Merry Christmas (in advance) and Good Download!

News: Mini Rosemary wreath and Inspire We Trust on

A few days ago I received an email that surprised me very much, but most of all I was very pleased!

This tutorial to make a mini Rosemary wreath was chosen from the portal and posted in this article: Holiday Party DIYs: The Best from Bloggers. In article ’ are different inspirations and tutorial to create Christmas decorations and make more unique your Christmas.

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