It's nd finally we are in February. Double fun for me: the month of February as well as being Valentine's Day, the feast par excellence of lovers, it is also my Saint's day and, last but not least, the 21 is my birthday! Happiest of passage.

To celebrate throughout the month of February, I want to dedicate to the felt. A fantastic material which I found at University during a workshop on materials. As I was so fascinated that one of my first projects when graduated was design Tapestry with industrial felt and wood.

I confess that I almost lost the fingerprints to sew by hand and that the weight of the tapestry has almost broken my back… anyway I just finished work a young designer satisfied!

Although it is not always possible to realize some tapestries (and the weight of an elephant…) I suggest smaller projects with the selection you see below: February Craft: diy felt accessories.

Be achieved without the need for large spaces and for the most part with felt already worked, that is easily available in specialty stores.

Most of these projects is simple to implement and does not ask for much accuracy so they try even the novice crafter.

Which are your favorite?
I must say that the pillow made by Purl Bee is my favorite.


February Craft: diy felt accessories

February Craft: diy accessori con il feltro

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