Yesterday on Vimeo I found an interesting video that has left me enchanted, fascinated and stunned. The video that I propose, and its portfolio, to watch and be inspired is a Japanese artist who creates fashion illustrations with a very special technique. Worth a look at his work and inspire. I present to you the illustrations by Masaki Mizuno.

The medium used is slightly different from that of classic fashion illustrators, instead of watercolor, china or acrylic paints, Mizuno prefers airbrush. As you can see in the video below the result in his illustration is soft and velvety, Japanese Illustrator gives a consistency all completely different than classic watercolour effect, much more dreamy and smoky.

With the help of the template shows up again at a time the portion of the illustration you want to colorize. The result is very accurate and it is precisely this that intrigues me in his illustrations. The sharp contrast between the ethereal effect obtained with soft color and millimetric precision yield. His technique inspires me, makes me want to draw all day and getting lost in a thousand shades that you can achieve.

The Japanese illustrator says of his work and his painting technique:

My work involves the expression of the inner psychology; a self reflection mirrored through art. In order to express the vision and subject matter of my work, I find that it is important to extract ideas from with in my own perspective and senses.

All my work is analogue, hand painted with acrylic, air-brush, and rollers. It is true that using digital would be a logical way to illustrate the new textiles and materials that are created every year; however I think that there is a genuine charm about analogue art that can never be replaced by digital technology.


Masaki Mizuno

Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno Masaki Mizuno

Visit the site of Masaki Mizuno and his profile Behance to see many other works.

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