Easter is coming and if you are parents or not in the next few days the eggs will be your daily bread. This article collects the best craft projects to organize your Easter DIY spending a little.

As always with this collection you can give a nice personal touch and creative to holidays, just arm yourselves with holy patience with eggs, that are delicate, and you're done.

For this collection of Easter eggs I found inspiration from the fantastic work of Franc Grom that, with a patience to the limits of endurance, creates small sculptures with egg shells. And I say patience not surprisingly given that for every single egg there are from 2000 to 3000 small holes.

A precision work definitely astounding. So, If Franc Grom, a man of 72 years, manages to get these results we cannot be outdone.

Better something personal that the usual decorations that are exhumed from supermarkets or various shops during the holidays, from these DIY projects you can “steal” interesting inspirations to celebrate. Do not be found unprepared for the arrival of the Easter Bunny.


April Craft: Easter DIY

April Craft: Pasqua fai da te | Inspire We Trust

1. Easter bunny egg cozies / 2. How to make Easter egg terrariums / 3. Pinata Eggs / 4. Newspaper eggs / 5. The Prettiest Egg Decorations to Make This Easter / 6. How to Make Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations / 7. Jackson Pollock Eggs Tutorial / 8. Decoupage Eggs With Vintage Botanical Prints / 9. Chalkboard Eggs To Give As An Easter Gift / 10. Gold Leaf Easter Eggs / 11. Confetti Filled Eggs

Read the story of Franc Grom here.

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