Let us tell the truth with the last week's post on DIY Easter I put so much effort to find other interesting projects. Why not show them to you? Maybe you are not happy with what you saw in the last article and want others and at this point I show you April Craft: decorate Easter eggs.

I've got so much flavor that I found other 20 alternative ways, and first of all much creative, to decorate Easter eggs. All the tutorials you see below require as mandatory material eggs, otherwise set giving vent to your creativity how best do you prefer!

Almost all the materials can be easily found at home, then these tutorials can be realized also all last minute.

If you want even more projects then also read: April Craft: Easter DIY

April Craft: decorate Easter eggs

April Craft: decorare le uova di pasqua


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Hello Valentina here, art director, bloggers and tea lover. I like to discover new things and love the creativity in all forms, seeking creative ideas and resources for my work and I am convinced that you are so. Am I wrong?

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