The he inspiration is a strange beast. It can come from many different sources and when you least expect it. It is not easy to manage because of the unpredictability of nature, who has the good fortune to be inspired in his work knows that is a godsend. Today for the illustration section I want you to see a video documentary about Daniel Egnéus and its inspirations.

Mr. Egnéus is a world-famous Illustrator born in 1972 in Sweden and raised, work-wise speaking, around the world. Yep, we face the classic example of very Bohemian Wanderer artist and very inspiring. Among the many countries that have hosted include the Italian city Bologna, Rome and Milan, Although his biography suggests that currently lives in Milan, his Behance profile indicates Athens. Where will be now?

His illustrations are colorful dreamlike visions realized in watercolor. Sometimes just mentioned gently with a few brush strokes sometimes more trodden and finished with various media such as pen, ink and acrylics and pencils.

His source of inspiration is life. I could have deluded giving you the idea of the true source of inspiration? I hope you will not be disappointed, but it seems that the universal recipe for inspiration is life. Everything passes in the everyday life of illustrator is precious gold that is distilled and returned as an illustration. People, places and gestures in his works are played with a precision and accuracy of the details that surprise.

I must say that I love all his illustrations but those in black and white where the stroke overlaps are my favorites, give me a sense of continuity in the illustration. Objects that become transparent and overlap make it the idea of lived, of the home and of essential.


The Making of Daniel Egnéus’ Little Red Riding Hood


Retracto #3 – Lars Daniel Egneus


Daniel Egnéus

Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus Daniel Egnéus

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