Beauty, photoshop and photo editing… that is the art of looking what you are not. Needless to say on this subject you could unleash an endless controversy. Many think that it is shameful to modify the body with photo editing, others are hoping with all their might to be exactly how programs can make us look. At the end we are always discussing the same topics: body, beauty and perfection.

Some time ago ran on the web in a way nothing short of the viral video you see below.

A short demonstration of how the photo would affect the human body and make it more suitable to the canons of beauty today. No news on the genre saw a video much like we had already seen made for the famous cosmetics company Dove “campaign for real beauty”.

Gli standard della bellezza

For this latest video the subject is a young woman and the goal is to always achieve perfection. A “perfection” that sounds bad as a tool not granted: something as a whole does not come back, but we struggle to understand what is.

This transformation of the body is almost done with the stencil, the subjects of all photos have longer legs to look taller, leaner thighs, hairpieces, perfect makeup and of course stratospheric tits.

Another example, if ever were needed, is Lady Gaga for Versace: during the shooting turned upside down, publication superhot. The standards of beauty today are these. On the concept of perfection there are a thousand opinions, but the result however we want is that: photo-editing software and graphic designer are at the centre of controversy, attacked and massacred by the public opinion.


But are we really sure that the problem is their?

Standard Of Beauty & Photoshop | Model Before and After


Here is the video “Evolution” made for the Dove. All the evolution of an advertisement in a matter of minutes, from the photo studio at street posters. And here comes our obsession with a idea of beauty that has little to do with reality.

Dove – Evolution


The fact remains that try to look what you are is a widespread mania, the advent of social networks in our lives has produced an endless series of characters who must at all costs prove something (even though no one has asked it to).

The result are the myriad video fail terrible and unthinkable based retouching “liquify filter“. Look at a few examples of the grotesque in this video.

50 Girls Photoshop Fails EVER


Am I wrong or we're a little all gone crazy?

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