Today for the photography category I want to share with you the work of an artist that worries me. I am talking about Oleg Dou and his artistic production which officially belongs to the branch of photography but also brings a good dose of artistic sensibility and technical capacity by expert photo editor.

Oleg Dou soon begins to play with photography and the computer. With his camera snaps with Photoshop manipulates. Is nothing new, many do this, but for the young artist in Moscow, manipulate shots doesn't mean just embellish, liven up the color or match a model with the canons of today's beauty.

In this particular case photo editing is the servant of art and message who wants to tell, serves to convey a concept to express an emotion. Almost all of his photographs depict the faces of children and young women, ethereal looks and without distinguishing features. You cannot see any expression, the characters don't even have eyelashes and eyebrows, don't you read no message. The result can only be enigmatic and intriguing.

Despite modern technology and high-definition printing, the works of the russian belong to a different era when the portraits were the only way to pass down the face of the familiars. Today everyone has a mobile phone that makes photos and in this time of “selfie” and “duck face” the pictures do not mean that much. For Oleg canvas on which to work is the face.

Oleg Dou


His collection “Cubs” makes explicit reference to the tradition of photographing the dead, including children, to remember forever their faces and memories (remember the movie The Others?).

Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust

Another Face

In this series the face is that of a young woman wearing makeup like a finely clown or, by the artist, marked with signs of plastic surgery.

A trick just mentioned but reveals its dual nature, the face is a mask photographed obsessed by superficial beauty and perfection, is both victim and executioner of herself.

Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust Oleg Dou | Inspire We Trust


Here you can see the mini documentary on the artist Oleg Dou powered by Adobe on the occasion of the CS6 release.

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