Some time ago I wrote a post that amused me greatly. Said in other words, told in the comically cliché, i.e. the more or less familiar stereotypes of a people or a country. The article was inspired by my own experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Paris) but mostly collected a series of videos made for the advertising campaign of EF, the well-known company that makes traveling students from around the world.

I have to say, my surprise, that the article has had some success recently rereading it I wondered whether there were other videos besides the ones I had posted.

The answer is obviously Yes!

Vita da clichè (parte seconda) | Inspire We Trust

In this article I propose other promotional videos made in other great cities (Los Angeles / Sydney / Vancouver) and as you can see, If you already know the advertising campaign, the schema is not changed: students travelling and traditions of the host country are creating the magic of new experiences. Fall in love with and learn the language are part of the package.

I particularly loved these videos, for both the realization that helped give an ironic image, fun and easygoing, and remember that sparked in my memory… long live the time when as a teen I traveled and made the same experiences!

Vita da clichè (parte seconda) | Inspire We Trust

The product is well packaged and with particular attention to detail and even with attention to typography, from use of fonts and graphics. You can't not love these videos and all you can remember.


Life as a clichè (part two)

Live The Language – Los Angeles


Live The Language – Sydney


Live The Language – Vancouver


The videos are directed by Gustav Johansson and typography is created by Albin Holmqvist.

If you want to see previous videos read the first article I wrote: Life as a clichè

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