This article is for all those who have been accused of not having a green thumb at least once in a lifetime. Since I own the rare “black thumb” this article is particularly well suited to my needs: I love plants but kill without mercy. If you also have this feature odious but you want to redeem and enjoy a bit of nature into your home you will love these 6 simple DIY terrarium.

The aim of this article is to gather some of the most interesting projects to make with succulents. Projects are ideal for gardening enthusiasts but above all for those who love DIY and who wants to learn to take care of the plants starting from the easiest ones requiring less maintenance… the succulents!

For years I am disinterested “about universe of plants” until I had a balcony and at that point I tried to fix it by buying all sorts of plants that I occurred in tyre. As you can well imagine the results were nothing short of bad and I have yielded the nickname “black thumb”. Not a good thing.

Due to the balcony and the need to relax in the green I decided to change this mood and transform my unwarranted plants killing into something more productive, so I have collected 6 simple tutorial to make a DIY terrarium with succulent plants.

A terrarium is a micro garden with a balance, an eco-system jar format or vase that can be placed in the house where you want as it is highly decorative and does not require special care to survive. Make a terrarium is really simple and there are several commercially available glass containers created specifically for this type of garden domestic. Alternatively you can use jars, pots or aquariums that don't use more. The important thing is they are made of glass.

Here's a wonderful selection of terrariums for inspiration.

Trovate ispirazione per i vostri terrari fai da te

Trovate ispirazione per i vostri terrari fai da te

Susan / GlimpseGlass / 1001gardens / Twig Terrariums

6 simple DIY terrarium

Start with succulent plants, or succulents, it is always a good idea, is the first thing they tell you the most experienced of plants. Start with the simple things and observe plants in order to adjust the shot when you need it. These 6 plans to create a DIY terrarium I seem to suitable for those who want to start.

tutorial per terrari fai da te

1. DIY moss terrarium craft / 2. DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants / 3. Score & Solder Terrarium / 4. Mini Air Plant Terrariums / 5. The Easiest Terrarium / 6. Succulent garden bowl

What do you think you liked?

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