Are you able to draw portraits of fashion? Can you play a masterpiece watercolour for fashion and advertising? Or maybe just for your pleasure? Learn to draw portraits is not always easy, it takes technique and passion and a good dose of patience to get the result that you hope.

I must say that as passionate about watercolour illustration and I'm always looking for inspiration and this time I found some very interesting video tutorial explaining step by step how to make ink or watercolour illustrations.

On the web there are hardly tutorials so well made, I'm talking about the You Tube channel of by Fashion teaching. A name of a promise because the teacher of illustration for fashion Ioana Avram from Romania aims precisely the goal of teaching and give the right tools to anyone who wants to learn and perhaps pursue a career in this field.

I find it amazing the idea of sharing and I must say that I think the design is very good, ideal for students and enthusiasts of illustrations that have some artistic ambitions and want to try. The videos are studied and pay attention to details interesting without frills.

Here I have selected some of my favorite tutorials. And you, what do you prefer?


How to draw fashion portraits





Visit home page on YouTube channel by Fashion teaching.

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