Being a designer and sell creations today is not difficult, are many web spaces that offer visibility to young creatives who want to compete with the market. DaWanda is one of Europe's most renowned marketplace and today we will discover its philosophy with an’ interview with Lucia Maria Bruno that will tell us something about this community.

The online craft on DaWanda it is possible, the keywords that characterize the marketplace are “handmade“, “unique product” and “originality“. If you're young designers you can sell your work and share experiences with 280.000 sellers who have already opened a store on this platform.


Interview with DaWanda

But, Since the numbers can scare or discourage a newcomer, to find out the features of this platform I did chat with Lucia Maria Bruno, Digital PR & Event Manager for DaWanda who agreed to answer a few questions, so here's to you the interview.


Online crafts on DaWanda, find out how with the interview with Lucia Maria Bruno.

Q: Who are the founders of the platform and why have taken this road, What was their idea?

A: DaWanda is an online marketplace of original products and handmade. Is born, almost by accident, from an idea by Claudia Helming and Michael Pütz. The two, While colleagues at the same company, had tried to create Matryoshka Dolls for Christmas to give as gifts to friends and family. Dissatisfied with the result, declared bankrupt this experiment presents do-it-yourself, but created the idea of a platform dedicated to the lovers of creative handmade products: a market where sellers and buyers who love crafts could meet and share their passion for unique items and compared to alternative production and mass consumption.

The uniqueness of DaWanda is already in the same name chosen by its two founders: in Africa, DaWanda is a feminine name that means "the one" and this is the keyword in order to understand better the true essence.


Q: A community like yours in continuous expansion and with thousands of designers that attend can scare a fledgling maker. Do you offer an orientation service for newcomers?

A: We can proudly say that, with 280.000 vendors and 18 million hits per month, DaWanda is the marketplace of handmade products Europe's biggest. However, These numbers should not scare off newcomers and old on DaWanda. In fact, its particularity is its being a platform for “Social Commerce” where users can get in touch with one another and with producers, comment and suggest your own favorite items among over 4 millions of products available.

Each seller has the ability to create a real online store: inside the shop are visible all articles, appear in their respective categories and are indexed by the search engine DaWanda. Each store also has its own web address, to allow the salesperson to give him all the publicity he wants (inside of your blog, on Facebook, on their business cards, etc.).

In addition, to facilitate the work of sellers, There are sure-fire tools to manage your own store: the Seller's portal, a blog dedicated to find information and tips to create your own shop and manage every task; Basic instructions useful for marketing and seo; the reports of the events and most interesting markets in which participate; an efficient and helpful customer care.


Q: What requirements must have a product to be sold on your platform?

A: As mentioned, DaWanda keyword is the uniqueness. This is the guiding principle that is asked to look at creative and maker in order to use the platform: that products are only for the materials used, manufacture or use. The other is keyword creativity: on DaWanda you have many categories – from clothing to Accessories, from bags to jewelry, from products for children with those for the home – all United from offering unique articles, handmade, made to measure, Limited Edition custom or, as we say we, Products with Love. There are also special categories for items produced industrially: "Materials", to help serve the DIY artists and "Vintage" for products that have at least 20 years.

In addition, have been laid down a series of principles and "code of conduct" to make it easier for users to trade on DaWanda. Are simple rules – taste for beauty, professionalism, extensive product descriptions, fine and accurate picture – allowing both the seller and users the best handmade shopping experience possible.


Q: What it costs to put a product on sale on DaWanda? What is your percentage on the product sold?

A: DaWanda's goal is to enable such artisans, designers and hobbyists to become entrepreneurs themselves and sell their original articles and made by hand without any risk. This is why open a shop on DaWanda is free and requires no subscription fees or listing fees.

After registering and completing the online form with all the information, including the distinction between merchant or private seller and payment methods, you become the owner of a shop, to manage and fill with all their creations.

As regards the percentage to make DaWanda, is charged a fee of 5% the price of the product sold excluding shipping costs.


Q: What are your goals for the future? What do you expect for the 2015?

A: The DaWanda's target audience consists of creative people, It doesn't matter if artisans, designer, artists or hobbyists. Some sellers have managed to turn their passion for crafts and handmade products into a source of income or a job which devote their energies. Some are true professionals of handmade and have now embarked on a real business that includes marketing activities, of communication and visibility on social media. Other, encouraged by friends and relatives who believe in their ability, embarked on the road of crafting and enjoy an international platform to widen their scopes.

Our goal is to continue on this road: give a chance to those who have a talent to share it with a wider audience and offer our users the best and most interesting products and handmade with love.


I have to admit that this article is difficult to frame in a well-defined category because in addition to talk about design and designers also looks, with keen eye, to recycling and to the reuse smart. The section of the site dedicated to diy It's really very interesting and offers plans to suit all needs from House decoration to fashion and refashion. I recommend to watch tutorials, you wont be disappointed.


how to open shop DaWanda

What do you think, Did you opened a shop on line on DaWanda? Write Me or comment the article and share your experience!

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