Easy and economic plants to grow? It is possible to grow plants directly from the products in your pantry or refrigerator. Reuse waste instead of throw them to grow plants on your balcony.

7 Piante facili ed economiche da coltivare in casa

Did you know that in your refrigerator and pantry are hiding a lot of seeds that can become great plants at no cost?

I tried and I can assure you that the results are. You want to try you too to fill your balconies with easy and economic plants? Then follow the tutorials listed below… remember that it costs nothing to try!

How I did it?

When I took the craze of plants (therapeutic and healthy!) I took the bull by the horns and tried solutions I could find easily. So if you also want a bit of greenery and want to experience but have you terrified of killing the plants the ideal solution is to spend just using what you can easily find.

Here is a selection 10 plants to be recovered from the pantry to try to grow your passion for plants and your garden!


7 Easy and economic plants to be recovered from the pantry

1. Avocado

come coltivare l'avogado

Photo: inspirewetrust.com

The ’avocado is the classic example of reuse in the kitchen and you cannot absolutely leave you miss the opportunity to create a plant at no cost. I have a seed in the kitchen and I can not wait for it to grow.

After eating the green flesh of the fruit with salad, or better yet after having prepared a guacamole you must retrieve the slap-up kernel and try to make it flourish.

Here is the tutorial where learn step by step: How to grow an avocado tree from a pit.


2. Ginger

come coltivare lo zenzero in vaso

Photo: inspirewetrust.com

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ginger with few care grows lush. Even potted the only thing you have to worry about is keeping the ground moist. It seems that for the moment my seedlings grow happily and smoothly. To try absolutely.

Tutorial: Ginger: How to cultivate on the balcony


3. Pineapple

come coltivare ananas

Photo: 17apart.com

A simple rescue operation to get a potted plant fruit trees for your home with the pineapple. Just buy a whole fruit and cut off the leaves and you're done. You might get a scenic plant for the room that after some time can give you fruit. I can not wait to experience.

Tutorial: How to grow the potted pineapple ’


4. Mango

come coltivare il mango

Photo: instructables.com

In addition to being delicious mango is practically perfect to be grown at home. It can be difficult to extract the seed from kernel, It takes a bit of strength, but in the end once managed the operation you've done.

Tutorial: How to grow potted mango from seed


5. Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Lime

come coltivare gli agrumi

Photo: instructables.com

Yep. I at first did not believe. I always saw small shrubs of lime or lemon in greenhouses with prohibitive prices for a plants's killer. So with elbow grease and good will and patience I was able to pull up a small lemon plant.

Let's leave out the fact that it's dead… but now I know the secret can try forever till I can't in my intent.

Tutorial: How to grow a citrus tree from a plastic bottle


6. Medlars

come coltivare il nespolo

Photo: orticellodicasa.blogspot.it

Medlars are super simple! there is nothing you can say to escape to this experiment. As always after eating the fruit kept the stones. Clean but do not remove the brown skin. The medlar is a hardy plant and is perfect for exteriors. Must-try.

Tutorial: How to grow a loquat tree starting from the fruit


7. Garlic

come coltivare l'aglio

Photo: giardinaggio.org

What about the garlic? I have tried and I must say that I enjoyed a lot, it grows quickly and a lot of satisfaction, especially if you are of those who like tangible and immediate results.

Tutorial: How to grow garlic on the balcony in a few simple moves


Then I tempted to try?

If so you need to just look in the pantry a product suited to your needs and try. Nothing simpler and that watching a seedling grows day after day.

You don't need specific materials and tutorials are also suitable for smaller. That wait to try?

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