Ideas to steal to decorate interiors is the second post of the serie. When I wrote the first article I found so many inspirations and many useful items that I couldn't not include them in the list of useful ideas to use to decorate interiors.

If you need to renovate your home, if you have a room to be furnished and you don't know how to do it you can follow this article and after reading the old one to find inspiration and maybe solve your problems decorating interiors in one fell swoop.

Idee da rubare per decorare gli interni

Often you get tired after a while of how you decorated your home. It is the bedroom or the lounge does not matter, by the time we get to the position of the furniture, the colors with which it is decorated a room, to fabrics and furnishings. Even the location of paintings can be irritating if you haven't been careful to place them. Just a blog or a magazine to shake demanding owners of the house .

In this article I will give you a dose of inspiration with ideas to steal to decorate interiors.

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Ideas to steal to decorate interiors

1. Carpets

decorare gli interni con i tappeti

The largest are better are. A carpet colors, furnishes and fills a room. Three functions in one decoration element, You can't ask for any better when you want to decorate or renovate a room.

I adore literally the carpet under the dining table, but I also love the big hairy rugs, completely white, in the lounge sofas.

+ Pro: Choose neutral colors and warm because they are perfect in all seasons, as I see it in winter is even better. In general, neutral colors do not tire ever, it's easier to get tired of a red carpet that a dove color.

+ Con: Let us tell the truth the bulk of the effort with the carpets is clean it. If you have pets is a torment. In this case (from personal experience) I recommend heavy carpets do not curl to the passage of the vacuum. It works.

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2. Curtains

decorare gli interni con le tende

For some the curtains are optional. In the sense that those who live on the top floors of mega mansions with panoramic views do not always need to use curtains to shelter from prying eyes.

For those who live in large residential complexes or who inhabits the lower floors of a building curtains are indispensable for privacy. But what are the most appropriate curtains for your needs? Drape, Panel, by roller? This goes out to taste, There is little to say, Although in some cases you have to make forced choices. The important thing is always to use the rule of balance, use a specific palette for putting together all the elements of a room.

+ Pro: Yeah! Shelter from prying eyes and heavier fabrics that shield the sun's rays, as in hotels. Also you can play with various textures and patterns to liven up the environment and decorate the interiors without exaggeration. Why limit yourself to just one couple? I find that very elegant double curtains, as the examples in photography.

+ Con: As always the difficulties arise when you have to clean. Needless to talk about good design then if you forget the practicality of everyday life. Screening curtains are heavier while the curtains with a thinner fabric have the advantage of being lighter but little coverage.

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3. Stool

decorare gli interni

I've never been a fan of the stools until I found inspiration. Nordic style came to my help with some interesting ideas like the ones you see below. Vintage, modern or is recycling as the wildcard element of interior design.

+Pro: A stool has a thousand uses. Actually looking at it under a different perspective, without backrest and without padding is as a table top, so has several uses. You can use as a nightstand next to the bed, as a pedestal for plants or as a small table next to the couch in the living room. The more you use it the better.

Photos: trendenser / the ultra linx / italy home style


4. Hanger

Idee da rubare per decorare gli interni

I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of hanger. Mostly because of the shape, especially one that plays when you have several guests and becomes a lump of multicolored coats. But considering that in recent years design has crept into our lives, the result is that even the hangers have suffered the fury of creative designers.

+ Pro: The result of creative fury is a thick coat similar to a sculpture, Nice and pleasant to behold, made with fine materials and top quality. It also helps to keep order when you have guests and decorate when you're in your home alone.

Photos: italy home style / pinterest / deco-design / stylista


5. Pouf

Idee da rubare per decorare gli interni

My aunt at home had two or three bean bags. Some were dated and decidedly retro style but on occasion were always helpful and comfortable. When I was little I wanted with all my strength a beanbag to be dragged around the house and to use in every room.

+ Pro: The beauty of the pouf is its versatility. It is lightweight and can be moved with ease in any room or ornamentation.

Photos: deasogmia / 79ideas / italy home style / delikatissen


What do you think?

Do you have one of these items in your home and are there useful? I do! And I must say that stools and curtains are perfect and resolve many situations.

If you have any suggestions for interior decor write a comment below and tell us your experience.

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