Christmas is coming, just a few weeks and I will propose a cool tutorial for Christmas: the Advent Wreath to decorate your home! This project is realized with the help of a friend who creates stunning floral arrangements for all occasions. I present to you Silvia Santambrogio and the christmas project that has created exclusively for the blog

I am very happy to present this tutorial because it consists of several parts, all original and absolutely perfect for christmas, is very detailed to help you create the best decoration for your home. I recommend pin the photos and archive them in your Pinterest board and share with everyone you know!

Tutorial per realizzare la Corona dell'Avvento

Hello, my name is Silvia, I am a floral designer who lives and works in Milan. I work mainly on floral arrangements for weddings and other events.

I love Christmas because I can use materials that do not usually use in my compositions as branches, pinecones, dried fruit, season's berries. The project that we realize today is the advent wreath.

It's’ a typical Christmas tradition of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic countries that punctuates the weeks until Christmas. It's’ composed of a wreath of leaves and branches. Tradition has it that are also present 4 or 5 candles, by turning each into a Sunday advent. The eventual fifth at Christmas.

We can use it in three different ways:

+ Runner (Christmas centerpieces);

+ Wreath (to hang on the front door of the house);

+ The traditional Advent wreath.

It's’ a job fun but takes some’ time then, take at least a couple of hours in your intense weekend of frantic pre-christmas shopping, get ready a good tea enriched with some fragrant spice and create some’ atmosphere with music themed, the Christmas classics are perfect!

Are you ready to start?


The Advent wreath


+ branches of Cornus Alba Sibirica, branches of Rosa Canina, branches of Brunia, branches of Dates;

+ flowers of cotton, oranges dried; cartons of ccinnamon; Acorns of oak;

+ wire spool, natural Twine, candles, tea lights, type Bormioli jars (or those that you have at home, if sizes even better) and hot glue.

i materiali per la corona dell'avvento

Dried oranges

Cut the oranges into slices of about 1,5 – 2 cm. thick horizontally. We have the slices in the oven on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, to 50° per 4 hours. Turn oranges every hour and finish drying on the radiator for a few days.


Create the base

To create the base, both the runner and the wreath, we use the branches of Cornus; are very flexible and have a nice long christmas red, suitable to our composition.

We take 5 or 6 branches of Cornus, we alternate "tip and tail" and fix them at one end with 3 turns of wire by tightening. Established between their branches to make the structure more compact. Repeat this step with the other branches to other 2-3 times.

At this point, join the "bundles" of Cornus that way: about 2/3 of a bundle will work alongside another and fix the wire. So for other.

i passaggi per realizzare la corona dell'avvento


Insert decorative elements

aggiungere le decorazioni alla corona dell'avvento

Now we combine all other branches, the Rosa Canina, the Brunia and the branches of dates eliminating always the most rigid part of the stems. We fix everything with the wire in order to obtain a homogeneous structure, deploying different elements uniformly. We fix the flowers of cotton, individually with hot glue.

The runner is ready!

la corona dell'avvento è pronta!


Candle holders

We can use our composition as centerpieces for christmas lunch (take the measurements of the table). I have created candle holder with jars of preserves, I filled with acorns and I have decorated with oranges and cinnamon; when you turn on the tea lights inside emanate a great perfume!

le candele per la corona dell'avvento

le tea lights per la corona dell'avvento


The wreath

If we want to achieve wreath, reuse the runner and start to gently bend the branches so as to smooth the shape up to close it on itself. We can easily change the size. More overlap branches plus the size will contain.

Now fix in several places with a few turns of wire making sure that the structure is secure. For hanging the door just use a nice ribbon.

For use as a Advent wreath we will serve 4 or 5 candles to be placed inside.

ecco la corona dell'avvento finita!


Latest usefull tips:

+ Your crown / centerpiece is ready, does not need to be bathed or splashed. You can keep it in house and dry out over time, losing some pink berry, but this is inevitable. For sure will stay beautiful for a long time.

+ To make it last longer, you can put it on the balcony in a cool place when not in use.

+ You can also use other materials for the realization of this project, for example, spruce branches, magnolia leaves, cinnamon, pomegranates, dried fruit varies. In short give rein to your creativity, try to retrieve the useful material from the campaign, an garden, your terrace. For everything you can't find ask your florist or drop by the flower market.

Good luck and have fun!

come realizzare la corona delll'avvento

come realizzare la corona dell'avvento

How to make the Crown Dell'Avvento

So do you like the tutorial?

Silvia was really helpful and I had a lot to do the photos while realized the advent wreath. In my ideal when making a diy project is being with friends and have a chat, don't find yourself?

You can see the work of Silvia Santambrogio on and follow her page on

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