How to make your own business cards? Have you ever wondered how you can make? I bet if you have creative abilities have often been tempted to have them alone. My advice is to try, experiment and find your own way to get you to recognize with a business card.

With this article I will provide you with 15 Creative examples of success to make your own business cards.

As promised shortly read useful tips and has a lot of inspiration for your future project. I wanted to write this post dedicated to business cards because I find myself in a position of having to renew business cards for the blog.

I've sought inspiration in the web when I was saturated with ideas and projects in half and give it up I did not know where to find a suitable solution. If you are in my same situation You definitely need someone to help you to get out of the maze where you chased.

And here I am in your rescue! These 15 do-it-yourself projects are more interesting because offer you useful ideas to create the perfect business card for you. Then we start.


DIY: How to make your own business cards

1. Recycling paper is classy.

Yeah, recycling paper is classy. The proof is this tutorial whose idea is really interesting and easy to implement. As you can see the main element and the real source of savings is the paper grocery bags.

I think it's a good way to recycle a product that everyone have at home and at the same time create a handmade class.

How to make your own business cards: recycles paper

Source: DIY Business Cards Out Of Paper Bags


2. Use a stamp and preferred support

In my previous article I had already long told the issue of business cards with stamp. In that post I had collected 12 examples of projects in a more professional and very creative using the stamps, so why not try to make one at home?

The advantage with the use of custom stamp is that you can use any type of media not only the traditional paper. Think of how many more chances! The idea is really creative because it gives you so much room for maneuver to make the product more suited to your business.

How to make business cards with a stamp

Source: DIY Stamped Business Cards


3. and 4. Coloring the edges.

I must say that this kind of tutorial is one of the most beloved in the world of DIY. How come it is so popular? The answer is easy: the tutorial is so easy to realize that they can do it all, and does not cost much.

Ok, But why so much success be replicated in a thousand ways? Again… Very simple, high creative impact and the ability to customize the product It's a rich opportunity for creative and graphic designers who want to impress customers.

colors the edges of your business cards business cards with colored edges

Source: DIY Gold Edge Cards and Chris Wood – Branding


5. The Happiest Business Card Of My Life.

Yeah, I kept the original title of the post from Rebekah Murray because she really has reason! Obviously her project is fantastic, personal, colorful and if I personally gave her business card would put me in a good mood right away.

As is often the case the idea is really simple but very effective to me with a nice creative touch not too invasive. Idea to put aside for your next creative project.

How do yourself business cards with watercolor

Source: The Happiest Business Card Of My Life


6. A more articulated business card: add a particular.

This project is interesting because it adds one more element to the classic business card. It is interesting that the author adds a port card that completes the product of self-promotion.

But how she did? The business card is the classic shape and size, but she adds a small poster with some more information on her blog and work. Once folded poster she inserts the business card and delivery to the customer. Definitely a creative idea that leaves more information and encourages to inquire. The goal is centered!

How to make your business cards

Source: Unique DIY Business Cards


7. Use origami to decorate the card.

It seems that the above post looks like this? So why I put them in two different chapters? The answer is simple: they are not the same. In the project below the artist created a port card that completes and decorates the business card creating a more complete product and very decorative.

Think About It, how many times do you get a card like this?

How to make your own business cards

Source: Origami Business Card Holder


8. Draw, draws and more draws!

Already the title explains it all. If you are an artist you probably have a business card that plays some of your works. It is an excellent solution for a quick idea of ​​the type of product that the customer will find when contacts you.

Fantastic, but everyone knows that a handmade product and a product that required operating effort is much more appreciated than you might find with retailing. The best way to customize is to give a real artistic contribution. So… draw, draws and draws directly on business card.

Give your personal touch, like a little work of art, to whom it concerns to your work. This is a welcome gift!

How to make your own business cards

Source: My Diy Business Card


9. If you are a photographer… you will be full of negatives. Then use them.

Project that all photographers should perform at least once in a lifetime. In my opinion it is impossible to resist similar business card, I think I would spend the first 5 minutes to watch and carefully cover the negative. Captured the attention of the potential customer 100%.

How to make business cards for a photographer

Source: How to Make Your Own Photographic Negative Business Cards


10. Experiments with materials.

Why limit yourself to just one material? This is the perfect example of how embed in business card an element that points to your business.

If you work with wood or in the fashion industry then leaves an immediate reminder to potential customers with a special business card and creative. In this example, the author of the post has used the unused fabric and has laced with the business card paper.

The aspect is definitely creative and “rustic”, but rgives the idea of ​​exactly what you do at a glance. Is not that the goal??

How to make business cards with other material

Source: Business Card-Esque


11. Interactivity is remembered for a long time.

In this article, I already told you what are the advantages of have an interactive business card and, to strengthen my argument, I also shown examples of creative and impactful.

Do you want to be remembered? Would you like your name turns and your business card is taken as an example?? So you have to leave a great product in the hands of those who do not know you and interactivity is a great idea.

In example below the business card has not only the credentials of the owner but also a little secret to be discovered.

How Do Your Business Interactive visit

Source: About Business Card Crafting


12. Add an item that reminds you what to do

Imagine that you have on your hands a business card like the one you see below. As a first impression I guess they belong to anyone who works with metal or a jewelry designer.

In this specific case the tutorial covers promotion for a blog, but imagine for a moment to be a jewel designer, and imagine you want to leave a good impression of your skills. This is definitely the best way to tell something about yourself and impress your creativity and audacity of your ideas.

You can try with different materials, colors and shapes.

How to make your own business cards

Source: Charm Stamped Business Card


13. Creativity from Japan

Suminagashi technique comes straight from Japan and it is the ancient art of decorating paper with ink. At least in theory the process to recreate this technique is not very complicated, with a bowl of water and ink you create fantastic designs.

This is a high-impact creative project and easily customizable. The ancient technique of paper marbling is unpredictable and it is guaranteed that you won't have a business card equal to the other.

How to make your own business cards

Source: DIY Marbled Business Cards (Suminagashi Technique)


14. Neon

The neon goes a long. Is a trend in graphics that, for some time now, many creatives and designers in the industry use to give a touch more decided to work. You've never used?

Whatever your answer, in this case Why not take advantage of this trend?

How to make your own business cards

Source: DIY Business Cards for The Hive!


15. Mess is not always a bad thing.

Here's an excellent example of how you can customize it in the best way a business card. Take the case of Mylene Poisson, She is a sommelier and needs to be recognized immediately by its partner. Wine + business card. It's not that hard to figure out how to put together the two elements!

But as always the case is interesting mostly because manages to give a simple and clear demonstration of the profession that takes place. What better result you can get on a little 5x8 cm support×8 cm?

How to make your own business cards

Source: Mylène Poisson Sommelier


Did you enjoy this article? Did you find this interesting? If you are able to capture your attention and I have offered interesting ideas for your next business card then leave a comment below and share the article with who you know.

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