Some photos entering the story because they are well-made, the technique or how to take the picture is so well designed that you can't not give it an award.

But most of the pictures remain in the hearts and minds of people is quite different. Have a particular subject, a look or report of the facts which the mind cannot forget.

Is the case of the photos that I want to show you today in this post: iconic photos that, over the years, they won the Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism.

These pictures are all part of our historical knowledge. Are events that in one way or another we've all heard ’, and someone has experienced them firsthand.

Every now and then it is right that the thoughts come back to the memory of things happened a long time ago, especially if it's horrible memories is always good not to forget and not hide the past.


COS ’ is the Pulitzer Prize?

The Pulitzer is a prestigious American Award established in 1017 by the journalist and press magnate of Hungarian origin Joseph Pulitzer.

This order rewards different from Journalism to literature, passing by poetry to music. Of course one of the categories for journalism is one dedicated to photo-reportage and in this article I show you some exciting retrieved.

Attention: many of the photos show strong content and could bump the sensibility of someone. They are mostly photo note that almost everyone knows, but it is always good to remember that mention facts of Chronicle.


Iconic photos won the Pulitzer Prize:


1. Philadelphia's Homeless – Pulitzer 1986

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

The photographer Tom Gralish the Philadelphia Enquirer Immortalizes Walter a homeless in Philadelphia. The photographer with the machina neck decides to walk the streets of his city by telling the life and difficulties of those living on the street. Walter is a well-known character in the area where they live alongside other homeless people in her condition:

I like any kind of food. Whatever c is ’, the buy. A hot dog day, the next Chinese food, the roast beef sandwiches.” Walter


2. Fire on Marlborough Street – Pulitzer 1945

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

Stanley J. Forman Immortalizes a dramatic moment during the fire of a building in Marlborough Street in Boston. The older girl (the first from the bottom) Unfortunately dies in fall from the fire escape, but the little girl is rescued by the socket a firefighter arrived at the scene of the catastrophe. (Via)


3. Oklahoma City bombing – Pulitzer 1996

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

The firefighter Chris Fields holding in their arms the little Bailey by only one year. He too is a victim of’Oklahoma City bombing, Unfortunately the baby died as a result of injuries. The 19 April 1995 the Palace in the center of the city suffers a terrorist attack is condemned Timothy McVeigh (Gulf war veteran). The photo is of the photographer Charles Porter by the Associated Press.


4. The Kiss Of Life – Pulitzer 1968

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

The photo by Rocco Morabito American photographer calabresi. This photo was take by Man while returning in the Newsroom after a street protest in Jacksonville Florida. What you see in the picture is the the miraculous rescue of a stricken worker from an electrical discharge of 4160 Volt, his colleague revives him with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and saves.


5. War is hell – Pulitzer 1965

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

This picture is of German photographer Horst Faas twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize, became famous thanks to his photo-reportage on Viet Nam war. (Via)


6. Hostage situation Fisher Derby – Pulitzer 1974

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

The American photographer Anthony Roberts in this case a very dramatic scene footage. In a parking lot is attracted by the screams of a woman who is lying on the ground with a man that strikes repeatedly with punches and slaps and threatens her with a knife to the throat. Roberts completely disarmed take the picture and intimate all ’ men to leave the woman. The fortuitous intervention of George H. Derby, a security guard (on the left), Save the women from ’ aggessione but kills the Lowlife.


7. Rhodesia – Pulitzer 1978

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

A soldier in the Rhodesian State Government tries to estocere some info from African prisoners in Kikidoo in Southern Rhodesia. The men were forced to remain in that position for 45 minutes under the Sun, When the younger surrendered to fatigue was escorted by the military in a hidden place and forced to reveal information about the rebels, afterwards all proved wrong information.

The photographer J. Ross Baughman saw all ’ entire affair telling the ’ happened.


8. Saigon Execution – Pulitzer 1968

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

This is really one of the most controversial picture in history. On the left the Vietnamese army Major General del Sud Nguyễn Ngọc Loan shoot a prisoner suspected of being viet cong officer Nguyen Van Lem (also known as Bay Lop) in a Saigon Street 1 February 1968. The photo is of American photojournalist Eddie Adams.


9. After the Storm – Pulitzer 2009

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

Patrick Farrell Miami Herald photographer immortalized the disaster caused by Hurricane Ike to Haiti. In this picture a guy saves from mud and rubble a stroller near his house flooded in Gonaïves. (Via)


10. Aid From The Father – Pulitzer 1963

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

The photographer veneuelano Hector Rondon Lovera footage of one of the world's most famous picture. The photo was taken 4 June 1962 by photographer of Caracas for the Venezuelan newspaper La Republica. The priest in the picture is the military chaplain Luis Padillo supporting the dying body of the soldier hit by a sniper. The Roman Catholic priest would walk the streets, even through the fire of snipers, to give the last rites to the fallen. (Via)


11. The Soiling of Old Glory – Pulitzer 1976

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

Is the 6 April 1976 in Boston when the symbol of a country is used as a weapon against freedom. In this photo the American photographer Stanley Forman stops a dramatic moment during a demonstration against the integration of children of color in the city's schools. The student, on the left, carrying an American flag with the support rod and repeatedly striking Theodore Landsmark, on the right, fino all’ intervento delle forze dell’ ordine.


12. Fleeing Kosovo – Pulitzer 2000

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

The Washington Post photojournalist Carol Guzy, Lucian Perkins and Michael Williamson spend two months in refugee camps in Albania and to collect photographic evidence of the disaster of modern warfare. The child is Agim Shala and is passed through a barbed wire fence into the hands of his grandparents in a field operated by United Arab Emirates in Albania.


13. Shooting of James Meredith – Pulitzer 1967

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

In this picture, created by Jack R. Thornell, see the young James Meredith shot during a peaceful walk along the banks of the Mississippi River. Meredith was the first African-American to attend the University of Mississippi and the 6 June 1966 Decides to demonstrate for the right to vote for African-Americans, followed by some supporters, a cordon of policemen and some photographers.

During the show a white man, on the roadside, shoot with a rifle injuring the young James Meredith, Fortunately without killing it.


14. Crack addiciton in Miami – Pulitzer 1988

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

This picture is of Michel du Cille, American photographer recently disappeared (11 December 2014) a heart attack, during a photo-reportage in Liberia. Du Cille, won three times the Pulitzer Prize for his reportage: in 1986 for the eruption of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, in 1988 in the case of crack cocaine to Miami and finally in 2008 for a series of photos on the care of war veterans in the United States.

In this picture, shot on 5 April 1987, We see a construction worker smoking crack, after work, using a can as pipa.


15. Westgate Mall – Pulitzer 2014

Photo iconic / Pulitzer prize

Tyler Hicks He photographed a dramatic scene during the bombing at the Mall Westgate Mall in Nairobi carried out by a somali Islamist group the 21 September 2013. We see a woman with her children seeking protection in a cafeteria during a shootout.


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