Design is one of many things recognize Italy in World. Add fashion and cuisine, for the record, but design has a special place in the hearts of fans.

The Vespa is the best example of how a product design can become a legend and be recognized worldwide as excellence. But the Vespa over the years is quite changed… Now we find out how.

For the uninitiated the father of the Vespa is the aeronautical engineer Corradino D’ascanio.

The first prototype, however, has a name very different from what we all know. The MP5 Paperino (Moto Piaggio Paperino) was created directly under bombing during the Second World War.

Vespalogy: la Vespa dal 1943 al 2013

The Piaggio, directed at that time by Enrico Piaggio, move production in Piemonte and designing several versions of the progenitor of the Vespa that never saw production. It was only in 1945 that began the real production of Vespa as we know it today, scooter for all at a reasonable price that did move Italy and hauled to the economic boom.

Over the years, the most famous scooter in the world underwent changes and changes dictated by fashion and competition (remember the legendary Lambretta?). Keeping up with the times was the challenge of the Italian company Piaggio.


Vespalogy: Vespa from 1943 to 2013

This spectacular and detailed animated graphic design is the work of the study of communication French Nomoon, that in their page Vimeo shall specify that it is not advertising, but a real exercise in graphics.

Similarly I tend to point out that the intention of this article is the same.

No ads, only a demonstration of how a product of excellent design will inspire and create a funny video. Also we are still talking about a real example of excellent design.

Vespalogy: la Vespa dal 1943 al 2013

Photos: sesterzi scooter club / memorys submarine


Did you enjoy the video? Are you also fans of Vespa or perhaps you are competing for the historical Lambretta?

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