But we are sure that you can spin the paper? Looks like a ’ rather long and laborious operation. Then, Once spun, What do I do? Someone replied and enlightened me. Today you read the interview with ’ Marcella Stylus creator of Paper and you'll discover that everything you can, even spin the card and create jewelry.

interview cartalana: How to spin the paper


Spin the paper? You can do! Interview with Marcella Stylus / Paper

Q: Hello Marcella tell us something about yourself.

A: I'm Marcella Stylus, born under the sign of Taurus, class 1983, calabrotta pure blood. I rambled a bit for the Italian peninsula (stages: Rome-Bologna-Monza) and some months I settled in Milan for work with adorable-inseparable companion photographer following.

With him I agree with everything including a cottage-studio-workshop. Dreamer by vocation and a lover of beauty out of necessity, exist thanks to an irrepressible curiosity that drives me to indulge personal interests and passions rather than follow predetermined paths canons. I love the simple pleasures and I am a promoter of bands active leisure. I Find, in fact, the bed and the couch are among the most valuable inventions of humanity and Earth's metaphor of Supercelestial.

Paper was born in October 2012 in a moment of boredom as many, Note.

Cartalana Interview: How to spin the paper.

Q: You have created Paper why?

A: Myself daughter of famously crisis. In a previous life I was press officer and organizer of cultural events. At one point I thought maybe it was no longer appropriate to continue the career intern for life so I ditched everything and after a period more or less dark and more or less desperate are reborn thanks to this new design made of cellulose.

More than a real project, initially, It was a funny game through which channel the energies, in part it is still so (sine qua non, We say).


Cartalana Interview: How to spin the paper

Q: Why use paper? Why did you choose this material?

A: The paper attracts me since I was very small, I cannot explain exactly why. I love her in all its forms and my experiments with this material is lost in the mists of time. The paper is full of possibilities, the design is evidently inherent. Making jewel reveals a range of remarkable quality and usability.

Not even I would like to replace with gold and diamonds because it has a poetry of its own.


Q: How did you learn to spin the paper, did you study about or you have experienced till you get the perfect result?

A: I've had some real masters, in the sense that I never followed study courses to learn the basics of my work. I embarked on a journey of personal research that I have done and discoveries along the way I found my reference points, first of all the artist Ivano Vitali whose works have spun paper represented the real turning point from which then had all the startup project and paper.

Then, deepening investigations, are ski lifts and zone, Finally, I started experimenting with spinning taking of real struggles with the paper until one day I got a paper resistant yarn, adjust, satisfactory for me.

cartalana Interview: How to spin the paper

Q: In addition to spinning which other techniques do you use to work the paper?

A: Paper artifacts arise from the combination of multiple machining techniques, the ring Rummy, for example, is made using three techniques: spinning, quilling and sewing.


Q: What kind of paper you use? Do you prefer a particular weight or give free rein to creativity?

A: To make the yarn you must use low-grammage paper and low porosity, so to speak, the paper used for printing newspapers, phone guides, commercial and advertising folding. It is the most produced as suitable to receive ink and has good mechanical properties to withstand fast print rhythms.

The weight increases RI-software suite, for example, You can retrieve the covers of weekly magazines (and the like, Let yourself be guided always by feel) to carve, make beads and origami, While food packaging can be useful for creating bases/facilities more resistant (see collection "Mosaic” e “Quadricolors”). Once you have ' learned ' the uses and uses of various types of paper, creativity does the rest.

cartalana Intervisa: How to spin the paper

Q: In addition to the paper, undisputed protagonist of your work, What other products are you using to assemble a jewel?

A: Paper jewellery are often embellished with semi-precious stones such as Swarovski, Quartz, Agata, Onyx, Coral and ... The components used to assemble the creations, instead, are silver 925.


Q: How much research c ’ is behind the production of jewels and what is your production process?

A: Paper jewellery seem quite simple to see them but the time is long and laborious. The search is continuing and the manufacturing process slightly atypical primarily because, so far, are almost never match from a drawing, as the practice would.

In most cases it is the same material to suggest creative solutions, I have to come to terms with what I have available from time to time and then proceed to the realization of buildings (is my favorite game). I have no particular talent, I promise a lot and I try to be consistent by devoting more time to what I do (also because it makes me feel good and I couldn't help it).

interview cartalana: How to spin the paper

Q: Who is the ideal buyer for ’ your jewels?

A: The jewelry and paper have turned female customers sensitive to the themes ofEco-sustainabilityà. Any woman can contribute to environmental protection by wearing an accessory to zero impact without giving up a touch of vanity distinguishes. In addition, the paper has a beauty all its own and has nothing to envy to metals and gemstones (I'll be mad, but think so).

However prospective buyers are of both sexes so, the clientele is composed of those who decide to buy the jewelry itself but also by a male customer who decides to make an original and unique gift.


Q: What are your benchmarks? Which artists or designers are a ’ source inspiration for creating your own jewelry?

A: I really like reading Bruno Munari's Books because it is simple and straightforward as only a child can be; fascinates me the Bauhaus and the entire Brigade of Walter Gropious; Peggy Guggenheim is another one of my myths ever. Lately, I very well at Karl Lagerfeld why I turned out to be a big fan of card and paper jewellery. Are characters whom I admire greatly but define my "inspiration" I find it a little sacrilegious for anything I've yet to discover and learn.

This is a time when I'm putting into question everything (what about? the crisis in the crisis? …ehehehe...): myself, What do I, my world which then is that ofhandmade Italian. But I am convinced that in an era so fragmented as ours, where every historical time coexist at the same time, It is almost impossible to have one or a few reference points, ' high ' or ' low ' that are.

There is therefore a border, the connection points between the things they no longer levees. This I find it beautiful!

interview cartalana: How to spin the paper

Q: From your site I see that organize workshops, what you learn to your courses and where we can see all ’ work?

A: The workshops paper jewelry paper spinning and represent an alternative way of sharing my work bringing it out from the virtual fence of socialS. The attempt is to convey the joy of the creative act from countless uses and reuses of the Charter, a material that is simple and complex at the same time that can give new lives thanks to the use of our imagination and our hands.

The courses and paper, In addition, are never one-way: There is always a mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge between me and the participants. From time to time, Therefore, am I first to learn more (and I always say) something new from them, are moments of beautiful and important comparison.

Course participants and paper are excellent teachers, always enthusiastic and simply adorable!


Q: Where you can buy your jewelry?

A: I have a online shop within the e-commerce portal A Little Market through which you can buy eco-jewelry quickly, simple and secure. Soon I will open my shop on Etsy.

interview cartalana: How to spin the paper

Are all projects of Paper on his website and even more!

If the paper is your field and your passion you can discover even more about this blog, I suggest you read the article on Ivano Vitali, amazing paper artist:

+ Ivano vitali: Paper, paper, paper…

With the interview today have discovered that spinning paper and knowing well the material you can create small works of wearable art. Paper told us about his inspirations and his way of working, you liked the interview?

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