Last week was my birthday and since I have received all Japan themed gifts I decided to stay in theme “The rising sun” offering an interesting cue from the world of illustration. I present to you the dreamy works, delicate but complex of Japanese artist Ikenaga Yasunari.

Why his illustrations are dreamy, timeless and hypnotic?

Watching his illustrations There is just a sense of calm and relaxation, his subjects (all women) are caught in a moment of calm reflection or relaxing. These women's faces are serene and serious, absorbed in thought that absorbs. As a photograph taken at the right time.

Ikenaga Yasunari's works Ikenaga Yasunari's works Ikenaga Yasunari's works

The style of Yasunari very inspired the classic Nihonga that more often we're used to seeing. Nihonga literally means Japanese style illustrationsand, usually are made with Menso brushes on paper or silk and can be single monochrome or polychrome, hanging on the walls or folded and rolled to archive considered that they are very durable.

Ikenaga Yasunari, paints on linen with traditional brushes, using a style very similar to represent its women. In this case both the textures that color palettes are an important part of his compositions as gives it a old tone, almost vintage and certainly very melancholy, despite the constant references to modernity due to the presence of objects and everyday clothes wisely placed here and there in his works.

The Japanese artist chooses to emphasize certain details and simultaneously to maintain the tradition. Compared to the classic illustration nihonga details aren't just mentioned but the very cases enhanced, just look at the eyes and facial features more detailed and realistic even if the color of the skin while still maintaining near perfection as porcelain.

Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari

View the works of Ikenaga Yasunari on his site. To find out more about painting Nihonga visit Wikipedia.

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