One of the many fashion trends suggests to possess some classic items in your wardrobe. You never know, can come true for the right opportunity and you have to be ready.

If you are fond of do it yourself and fashion you must read this article and fulfill yourself alone a clutch: 8 Projects to create a clutch bag DIY.

8 Progetti per creare una clutch bag fai da te

Me, like most women in the world, I am a lover of handbags. The way I see it there are never enough bags of the cabinet of a woman worthy of respect. Although the models I use are always the same (why are comfortable) not to say that sooner or later I may not need other design models.

In this case I miss the clutch, do not even have a miserable kind. And that's not good.

I have collected these tutorials just because sooner or later I will make one considered above all the simplicity of the design. The great thing is that you can really use many materials, from leather to fabric, passing for the felt or plastic… why not? Perhaps a fluorescent color that seems to go for more in fashion streetstyle.


8 Projects to create a clutch bag DIY

1. DIY Leather Foldover Clutch

creates a leather clutch


2. The Mini Felted Clutch

He realizes a clutch with the felt


3. Paper Airplane Clutch

8 Projects to create a clutch bag DIY


4. DIY Foldover Clutch

8 Projects to create a clutch bag DIY


5. 5 minute DIY bag

He realizes a clutch 5 minutes


6. DIY Leather Lunchbag

a leather lunchbag


7. DIY Felt & Leather Laptop Sleeve

creates a notebook carrying case with Felt


8. Leather Strap Clutch

8 Projects to create a clutch bag DIY


Attention because it does not end here… thought you only find 8 DIY projects, instead I'm amazed by inserting a bonus. Follow the link and discover other projects and other bags…

+ January Craft: How to make leather handbags

January Craft: How to make leather handbags


If you interested in other projects to be carried by hand then I suggest you watch DIY Pinterest board from the blog so find out how many other wonderful products you can create with your own hands.

I hope you enjoyed this article, If so share it with anyone who has your same passion for diy!

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