How to decorate understairs? Yes, because everyone who has a house on two levels often have difficulty finding a space completely unexpressed but who would like to make the most.

If there are no ideas how we can solve the problem? It think this post.

Houses are a wonderful thing, a bit like a box of chocolates you never know what can happen. Having a duplex does not necessarily mean that the house is big.

So if you miss the space, because mq are few, even the space of understairs may prove a real asset to keep in order all what we need.

In most cases the understairs that you furnish is definitely small and tight, not to say cramped. But depending on the size and shape of the stairs can be found interesting solutions and with some modifications use in the best way that space.

This is a selection of projects to decorate the understairs, I hope they are interesting and they can solve your problems of furniture.


How to decorate understairs

equip subscale

Here's an idea really exploited: convert the space under the stairs in a small study area.

In many occasions you will see that a table and a chair solves the situation beautifully. Important to remember is the light, in fact provide for electrical outlets is a key step to illuminate the work area, and possibly use the computer.

ideas for decorating your basement How to decorate understairs how to exploit the basement?
furnishing the basement How to decorate understairs


The sitting area is really an interesting idea.

Also in this case it just very little: a comfortable armchair and a few books. Alternatively, if the music is your favorite way to relax you can always equip the sitting area with a dock station and listen to Holy peace in your favorite music.

Ideal for those who just space but do not want renouce to convenience.

exploit the space under the stairs

This idea is very original and suitable for those with little space. In a self-respecting house you can't do without, and in this case, the designers chose to put a bed in the basement to save space and exploit the sqm.

Why give up the space under the structure of the stairs and fill a room in the traditional way? Nobody forces you to think according to stereotypes and if the bed made to measure in an alcove under the stairs responds to your taste then you have to make it happen.

the basement as it uses?

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