How to make 10 tote diy? This is a selection of interesting projects dedicated to fashion and accessories. If you are passionate of bags and sewing at the end of the article you'll also find some interesting links to give rein to your creativity and create projects of all types.

10 Tote DIY

The selection of this article is really interesting because it allows you to create amazing original bags with your own hands. I would say that for those who are passionate about fashion and sewing is a wonderful opportunity to create.

I collected these really simple tutorial while I was looking for material for the previous post. A tote is so easy to realize that it is impossible not to feel, just a little effort and of course a sewing machine. The material more suited to your needs of fashion is what you have under your nose. I know it sounds strange to say, but all will happen to think that with an old t-shirt, a plush kinda ruined wanted to accomplish something, then this post comes to your rescue with 10 simple projects to recycle some clothes that don't use more.

Unless you did a swap with friends and acquaintances!


10 Tote DIY

1. Leather tote bag

how to create a tote


2. Chalkboard Canvas bag

10 Tote DIY


3. DIY Tote bag

10 Tote DIY


4. Lattice tote

10 Tote DIY


5. Leather tote

10 Tote DIY


6. Four step leather tote

10 Tote DIY


7. Railroad Tote



8. Bucket bag

10 Tote DIY


9. Sweatshirt market tote bag

10 Tote DIY


10. Maxi bag

10 Tote DIY


I leave you as well as other useful links for bags and renew your wardrobe:

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I hope you like these articles and that you find the right inspiration to create your own personalized and original wardrobe. If you liked the post share it and if you too have made tutorials please email me and let me know. Will definitely be fun to chat and talk about your experience.


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