A good gallery wall is not created in a few minutes. To get a good result it takes attention and investigating the details and especially a lot of inspiration. With this post you will find 24 different schemas to decorate the walls of your house and bring order to the chaos in your head!

There is a good chance that the decorative schemes you see below are not sufficient for you. I know, when creativity takes over seeks the most suitable solution in the fastest way with the risk of being wrong. Not in this case!

If you do not meet these schemes I've here for you three interesting articles that will help you to finally bring order to your walls and rooms:

+ How to decorate walls with pictures?

+ 53 Ideas to decorate walls

+ How to decorate home walls



1. Gallery Wall

Wall gallery inspiration

2. How to hang paintings above the sofa

Inspiration Wall gallery

4. Ideas for transforming any room

Wall gallery: inspiration for your walls

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Hello Valentina here, art director, bloggers and tea lover. I like to discover new things and love the creativity in all forms, seeking creative ideas and resources for my work and I am convinced that you are so. Am I wrong?

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