Today's article is located halfway between art and design because it shows you the amazing ability to transform an everyday material. Today we talk about of paper because I want to show the work of an advertising studio / specializing in artistic creation of beautiful paper sculptures: The Makerie Studio.

Recently I stumbled across a video that I have no difficulty in defining a delicate and romantic at the same time. A really simple video, but very suggestive that I reminded an object with a soul, something created with passion, studied in detail, contains a small portion of the creator.


The projects you see need a lot of patience and manual skill and pinpoint accuracy, but even before it takes passion for paper and definitely careful planning.

I can not imagine how long it takes the two paper artists who founded The Makerie Studio, definitely not a little considered the complexity of some projects. In most cases Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft work for the fashion industry creating some of the most spectacular showcases I've ever seen.

Paper sculptures Paper sculptures Paper sculptures

If ever proof were needed, this sample is perfect to convince those who still do not believe in the potential of paper, certainly is a material which to express itself the best has to be put in the right hands and would say that paper artist of The Makerie Studio have managed.

This blog has often spoken of the paper in glowing terms, as a versatile and durable material that can take many forms. The designers who have explored the world of paper, they did it in pieces, shake and created a new use with modern effects like Domingos Tototora or cut into long strips of yarn and how did Ivano Vitali.

The result is always a creative transformation with an interesting added value.

Paper sculptures Paper sculptures Paper sculptures:  The Makerie Studio Paper sculptures:  The Makerie StudioPaper sculptures Paper sculptures

To see all artworks go here: The Makerie Studio.

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