Today's post is dedicated to illustration and an artist who many already know. I propose to you a very interesting interview to Tran Nguyen artist born in Vietnam and raised in the United States that creates illustrations really very impressive with a particular predilection for the blue and gold.

With this little interview with Tran Nguyen I wanted to find out more about her work and her creative process and propose to you, don't lose it!

Tran Nguyen creates beautiful paintings inspired by Art Nouveau fantastic and surreal with colored pencils and acrylic enamels on paper, these means allow it to express a great attention to details.

It is true that her illustrations are so rich in detail that must be observed very carefully and I must say it is always a pleasure to rediscover her works and find more and more descriptive elements.


Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Interview: Tran Nguyen


Q: Ciao Tran, thanks for accepting this interview! Tell us something about yourself.

A: Hello, my name is Tran, pronounced “tron,” like the movie. I’ m a freelance illustrator & Gallery artist with an interest in therapeutic imagery.

I was born in Viet Nam, raised in the States, and enjoy soccer, pickles, and spontaneous adventures. I also dislike slow-moving cashiers and stained toilet seats.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: How would you define your style?

A: It’ s generally a personification of a psychological impulse, with a splash of surrealism and a pint of fantasy.


Q: What message do you want communicate with your work? What sensations do you want the viewer feels looking at your work?

A: I try to pinpoint the concept behind each of my paintings toward a specific but universal emotion we have all dealt with in our lives. It's my hope that the viewer can relate, recollect, thus foster well-being from what they interpret. It's ubiquitous to say that life is a series of hardship and each year is tougher. In all, I’ d like for my work to serve as a buffer in getting through these tough times.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran NguyenIntervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: Tell us something about your technique, we know that you use colored pencils, acrylics and glaze, seems a long and laborious process.

A: I usually start off with many, many layers of acrylic (40+). After that, I'll go back and begin noodling in the details with the colored pencils. I'll alternate back and forth from acrylic to colored pencils till I achieve a smooth, gradient finish in the render. Depending on the size, it takes about 2-3 weeks for a finished painting.


Q: The blue, ocher and gold seem to be a recurring element of your work, it is just a matter of aesthetics or there is a specific meaning?

A: That’ s my go-to palette! I adore how they complement each other to create the mood that I’ m looking for. Blue is also my favorite color.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: What are your points of reference in the world of art? Which artists are a source of inspiration for your work?

A: I'm heavily influenced by fashion photographers and designers. I love the beauty of fabric and its many elegant folds and billows, which is often depicted in my work.


Q: Which contemporary artists do you like?

A: There’ s quite a bit. James Jean, Joao Ruas, Kali Ciesemier, Amano Yoshitaka, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki, are just a few. Especially Miyazaki. So many aspects of his work influence me — his odd creature designs, well-developed protagonists, and sublime environments.

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen


Q: Looking back in your great collection which is your favorite work, the one you are more connected and why?

A: I would say one of my older works, "For the Lost & Unfound. " It depicts a deeply personal story of someone close to me. This was actually created my senior year in college.


Q: What are you working on now?

A: I’ m currently working on a magazine cover and several group shows that will be curated by Thinkspace Gallery – one in London and another in the Midwest. I hope to unveil them soon!

Intervista all'illustratrice Tran Nguyen

I thank Tran for accepting the interview , visit the website by Tran Nguyen to see all her works.

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