How many times did you watch a corner of your home and find it empty? How many times have thought about buying a print for the living room and took you months to decide on the subject? If you told you that you can fix it at no cost and choosing from a wide range of subjects… What would you answer me?

Ok, too many questions in a few lines so now I'll explain How to make free prints for your home.

The world of graphics is really extremely generous with those who love, I'm trying the many free products circulating on the web: mockups, tools for Photoshop, vector resources and much more.

I can easily define a lover of free resources and I also like to also share them with those who follow the blog, I think it's important the sharing of knowledge and the artists who create them. This explains why here on Inspire We Trust you will find several posts dedicated to free resources, search in the blog and you won't be disappointed.

In this case after writing some post on the organization of the walls of the house, on how to exhibit art and interesting diagrams to take inspiration, I also decided to post a few articles on the subjects to be displayed.

Not everyone wants to expose family photographs and for their (and for me) There are several free alternatives, in this post here are some of my favorite freebies for our walls. It just has to print the best quality and hang on the walls.


Free printable for your home: Vintage Issue

As the title says, If you love illustrations taken from encyclopedias and old books this collection is all your:

 Free printables vintage Issue

1. Free fern printables / 2. Vintage French Astronomy Print / 3. Botanical Prints / 4. Gorgeous Bird Eggs / 5. Lavender Botanical Printable / 6. Moths / 7. Map of Rome / 8. Vintage Owl Printable


Free printable for your home: Art Issue

You like best's modern illustration? Here are some examples of really creative artwork to hang on your walls:

 Free printables art issue

9 Р10 Р11 Р12. Feed Your Soul / 13. Feather-Printable / 14. A cat poster / 15. Escargö


Important: as always free resources remain excepted if all play clean. Those you see listed are for personal use, NOT commercial use. Not passed off as your what it is and do not try to review the work of others as your. If you use these resources cited the source.


If you want to create your prints and use the most common graphics programs then follow the Board on Pinterest resources, there you can find all the free material to create your art.

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Hello Valentina here, art director, bloggers and tea lover. I like to discover new things and love the creativity in all forms, seeking creative ideas and resources for my work and I am convinced that you are so. Am I wrong?

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