The translator for graphic designer or a small handbook format infographic for the designer that must overcome the obstacle to understand what the customer wants. To understand customer requirements seems a simple task but in practice it is not always possible, and this infographic helps all designers that wander aimlessly in a vale of tears.

Once, many years ago, I have worked on a website for a client who, as the saying goes, pulled me out from rags.

For the record, I have to admit that the fault was not entirely his, the account also has its faults (regarding this specific project the term account is misused… to be defined “account” You must know how to do that job and this is not our case).

Almost certainly our famous “account” did not possess this infographic. This agile sheet, wallet format, that uncover tips and background of the complex relationship that regulates the exchange of information between those who requires a service and who must perform this tedious task.


The translator for graphic designer: understand what the customer wants

Creative studio Plato Web Design has created this nice infographic to translate customer requirements into something easily assimilated from the designer.

Although they would be ironic and light-hearted have created a true masterpiece of utility that every designer should know and memorize.

Translating Client Speak


Since you are not friend ends here and another agile infographic I am surprised with some suggestions of Josuedric:

5 Things that every designer should know when dealing with customer.

5 Things every designer should know when dealing with clients


Happy? UM… I see you still unconvinced and so I suggest you complete the “tour of horrors” These other items useful:

+ Confessions of a designer

+ Graphic designers and customers

+ Things you shouldn't say to a graphic designer


If you have some little difficulty with your customers it's time to let it out! Leave a comment below and tell us what you think… can not hurt!

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