The first time I saw an illustration of Gemma Capdevila was on Pinterest, I posted a job on my drawing board and she commented. So began the article you're about to read: a bit of investigation and some mail exchange and here is finally the exclusive interview to a young illustrator who deserves to be read and observed very carefully.

Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

These fantastic illustrations in watercolor and colored pencils have captured my attention immediately.

A little because I have always been a lover of blue and some because the watercolor has always reserved a place in my preferences. Can you imagine what it's like to discover an artist who combines my passions and which is also available to “chat”?

Gemma Capdevila is a young Illustrator (1988) freelance who lives and works in Spain, for the accuracy in Catalonia and to be even more precise in the beautiful and sunny Barcelona, and creates illustrations for all ages absolutely magical and dreamy, romantic and strongly inspired by the marine world with a real passion for mermaids.


Intervista a Gemma Capdevila


Q: Ciao Gemma, thanks for accepting the interview and being kind enough to answer my questions. Tell us something about yourself.

A: I am an children, young and adult illustrator. I have some published books and made several exhibitions. I love to go to concerts and draw what music makes me feel.


Q: Which media you use to create your illustrations?

A: I normally work with watercolor, pencil, ink and collage.

Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

Q: You are a true lover of blue! Why you often use this color? It comes to an artistic choice or this color has a special meaning for you?

A: I am not sure. Actually, I didn't realize I used it since somebody told me that he did recognise an illustration as mine because of the blue. I cannot remember the day I decided to use blue more than other colors. I bought a watercolor case, many years ago, and the first color to get finished was blue. Then, other colors were gone too, and some of them just stayed there. So I decided to replace these colors with blue. Now, I have 9 different blues in my case!

Intervista a Gemma CapdevilaIntervista a Gemma Capdevila

Q: Your site is really full of fantastic illustrations, I personally can not choose my favorite. But what is the illustration that you’ re more connected?

A: I'm specially connect with the illustrations where a mermaid appears. She is like a mother that protects the ocean. But she can also be a furious best when somebody destroys what she loves. She guides sailors to the right port but can sink a transatlantic if she wants to.


Q: If you could choose between an infinite number of books to illustrate which would you choose and why?

A: Some story about the sea, sailors, islands, monsters, lighthouses, mountains and clouds. Is there a book about it? I don't know, lot of good books have precious illustrations. I'm not sure if I would make better a book that already have its images.

Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

Q: What are your points of reference? What artists or illustrators are a source of inspiration?

A: There are so many of them! I'm really in love with the art of a lot of illustrators. But probably, some of my favorites would be Shaun Tan, Zuzana Celej, Geninne, Guo Tió, Patricia Metola, Elena Odriozola, Jorge González… It's an endless list of artists I love.


Q: I saw on your website that you have written a book for children, where did you find the inspiration to tell a children’ s story?

A: In children. I work with children and for children. I give art classes in a school and kids are my best inspiration. Things they think and draw, what they say or the believe in are amazing and beautiful.

Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

Q: Do you prefer illustrate or write?

A: I'd like to do both things in my next projects. I have some ideas for new books. I wish I can see them published!


Q: What is your favorite bedtime story?

A: One of my favorites books is Where the Wild Things Are, a classic one, by Maurice Sendak.

Intervista a Gemma Capdevila Intervista a Gemma Capdevila

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I just finished a school book and now I'm working on my art degree final project. It's a theatre book. And when I am done with it, I'd like to write and illustrate my own stories.


Q: I would like to close this interview with you some helpful advice: if you had to talk to a girl who wants to be an illustrator, what advice would you give to?

A: Just believe you can get it and work hard for it. Sometimes we get amazing things because we didn't know they were impossible.

Intervista a Gemma Capdevila


Here the links where you can find all works of Gemma Capdevila: Facebook official page / Instagram / Website.


I very much loved the work of Gemma so what do you think? Did you like the interview? Leave a comment below or on social and let me know your opinion.

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