Are you a student? A creative mom? A freelancer who works at home? I could go on asking questions of this type but the issue would not change anyway: organize your work station to work better and produce more. In this article you will find 10 ideas to organize your desktop and be more creative.

10 ideas to organize your desktop

Organize your desk may seem like a small matter, one thing that you can take it lightly but it is not so, recently talking to a friend I've found that the most common philosophy is : “all you need is a table where you can put your stuff…“.

Nothing could be more wrong!

The way you use your workspace, the way you sit and also the way you decorate it can affect productivity and creativity. That's why this post is dedicated to the organization of the place most important for work.


10 ideas to organize your desktop

1. The desk that disappears

Here, more than think about how to organize your desk, I propose solution that covers the desk. Magic? No thanks, only good design. I know it seems strange, but the truth is exactly this, an interesting project developed by to carve out a corner creative in you own home without having to disrupt furniture and above all without sacrificing spaces that could be used in any other way.

The idea is very attractive, ideal if you have limited space to enjoy but do not want to give up your creative spaces.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


2. Build your own desk organizer

I make the graphic and I really like to draw, pity though that is also very messy and confusing and therefore, with this incredible dowry, I can lose everything, especially small items like tires and rubber bands. But, I have to say, even pens and pencils hardly remain in place.

In this case you must keep everything under control and get used to the idea of storing everything we use always the same place, and implement an organizer by following the suggestion of The Merrythought who has designed a simple but functional. I also like the design of the Memo board to organize photos, various inspirations and flying objects that serve for a work.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


3. Look for vertical space

If you don't have horizontal space, and you can't enlarge, the simplest solution is to go vertical and put everything you need on your desk… and the best way is to design a piece of furniture that will accommodate all, from objects to photos. Very interesting is the solution suggested on the blog Hello Lidy with shelves and a small cabinet.

Nordic-inspired both in material and form, very minimal.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


4. Moodboard for recycling

Graphic designer, Interior Designer, blogger? What do you do?? any work you do you have ideas, suggestions and reminders from the outside world. A photo advises that you have to fix the headboard, a sentence reminds you that in the worst moments you have to give a shock to your life, a scrap of fabric is the perfect idea for the next Christmas gift.

As for the Magpies, everything need and nothing is wasted But this theory only works if these ideas are well organized and stored intelligently otherwise you lose them like leaves in the wind. A moodboard made with recycle material as that of Style Inspiration is perfect for collecting your ideas and conclude a successful project!

idee per organizzare la scrivania


5. Using a perforated panel

I borrow a material that is usually found in factories or garages, steal something that historically belongs to masculine and I put in a house. Looks believable? Yeah, in the philosophy of recycling this idea, that comes directly from Pinterest (where else?), It is perfect for organizing your desktop and make it more tidy.

It's called “pegboard” in english and it's a thin wooden panel pre-drilled just waiting to be customized according to your needs at all times. Idea discover on The Design File the studio of these two creative ladies.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


6. Mega calendar

OK I know that this solution seems quite obvious and unimaginative but if you think about it the calendar is just one thing you can't miss in a studio. If you're full of work commitments and cooperate with other professionals you need to keep track of all the events not to go mad, the best way is “build” a calendar that allows you to work smarter.

Why limit yourself to just a paper calendar to hang on your wall when you think big and take a whole wall? It would be nice, isn't it?? Look at this example found on I spy Diy.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


7. Containers for plants

Have plants on your desk or in proximity helps a lot. It is scientifically proven that plants purify the air, give a touch of color and especially improve productivity when you sit and working on the computer. Many are the species that you can buy and find it a useful article on the subject on Lifegate.

But back to our desks and the need to customize the workspace I propose this interesting tutorial by Pinterest that teaches you how to make small containers for your succulents with recycled material.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


8. God bless this mess

God bless this mess.” In some cases this phrase can also work, but not when it comes to working environment. Computer cables, or television or every device we have that sooner or later have to be recharged.

Cables: natural enemies of all women who have to clean house. For obvious reasons under your desk you'll find several and it is not a pretty sight. You have to be patience and find a way to sort the knot and hide the mess with this tutorial by Poofy Cheeks.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


9. Contain your creativity

I've always been a lover of colored pencils and pens but often lose and find myself afterwards away from my workstation. To prevent my favorite pen end under a sofa, I bought metal boxes a bit anonymous and no color. I promised to make new and more colorful geometric patterns following the tutorial by Tiny Prints at no cost.

10 idee per organizzare la scrivania

Or if you're good with fabrics and sewing, I suggest you try this tutorial by We are scout.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


10. Sort documents

Nobody likes the loose sheets, If you lose an important document you're in trouble. Avoid possible tragedies by constructing a document holder with the project found on Damask Love.

idee per organizzare la scrivania


Here are the 10 DIY projects perfect for organizing your workspace. Don't miss the opportunity to be more creative and above all better work more efficiently. Now it's up to you, What are your suggestions for organizing your desktop?

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