Some time ago I wrote an article about the experimental formats for graphics”, I wrote it because I (re)found several interesting forms of communication that often do not come easily in your hands. This post is intended to show printed forms of communication really original and inspire you for your future work.

Ok, let me explain better and I let you as a simple and clear: during international events, such as the Salone del Mobile, collect promotional material is a real treat for a designer or passionate about communication and creativity.

For every brand that you visit promotional materials are generously distributed and advertise the company's flagship product, in the past I came home “cargoes like mules” with various gadgets folder.

In recent years many companies have decided to change their attitude and stick to minimal, the result is that the weight of the promotion has definitely reduced in favour of Qr codes, press kit referring to protected link and business cards, in some cases, almost cryptic.


Do these strategies work?

Yeah, If we talk about health (no more sore back). No when it comes to visual impact.

A printed product that appeals, regardless of the size, takes a long time. you show it to your colleagues, you share it on social and it's always kept at hand on the desk and in some cases (if we talk about packaging) you reuse for other purposes.

Have a nice product is a treat for the eyes and stimulates creativity.

Or at least, this is what happens to me. The result is that the brand is always shift under my eyes, I remember the experience for a long time and it can happen that, for example, for a future project.

In this sense, my idea is born of “experimental formats“. These are products that have aesthetic or functional characteristics which make them remember in time. Offer useful example of how to obtain a good result that meets the requirements of utility (fulfill its mission by communicating the message) and attractive.

To get an idea of what I mean read the previous article and see other interesting projects from which to draw inspiration for your next project

+ 20 Examples of experimental formats for graphics.


Museum – to House for Learning by Péter György

The editors of MúzeumCafé, launched in 2013 a series of volumes on museum professionals, faculty and researchers. This project of 408 pages is very interesting for bookbinding and the cardboard cover.

experimental formats Museum



Ars Cameralis Festiwal 2013 by Marta Gawin

This project includes brochures, posters and billboards, but I found very interesting composition of the brochure, the stiff cardboard in the shape of “Z” like getting two separate publications cover in one volume.

formati sperimentali Festival Ars Cameralis



You are my kaleidoscope by Serene Ng

Very clever project because both the circle in the center of both the pages of colored threads recall the unpredictable movement of Kaleidoscope.




Geir Larsen Strandenæs – nord.lys by Daniel Brokstad

Geir Strandenæs Larsen is a Norwegian musician whose music is inspired by the landscape and the nature of his country. The project is designed with plenty of intelligence because the cd not print reflects light representing “Nordlys” that is the striking Northern nights lights.

An interesting case in which “less is more”.

nordlys experimental formats



Antidote Rebranding by Nicolas Ménard

How many times have you seen a similar software packaging? This student project is an excellent example of experimental format created by looking at what the market has. The packaging is very simple and intuitive, and minimizes the use of material not useful. Eco friendly / user friendly.

Antidote experimental formats



Wedding Invitation by Chase Kettle

For some years the invitations to wedding ceremonies have become veritable experimental formats with which to have fun not only text but also in form and use of unconventional materials.

These example I really like because it dares to experimenting with typography and with wood.




A Sunny day on a Cloudy day by Axlif

Mix different materials may be the answer when you want to create a memorable product while at the same time timeless and classic.

Sunny-day experimental formats



Three Over One by MAUD

Dare and join the unthinkable: What I really love about this publication is the minimal bookbinding technique that combines relatively simple pages of different sizes.

experimental formats three over one



ANTALIS Calenclock by Blow

The dual function always wins. A calendar and a clock in a single pack, Merge two basic and useful functions into one single object is brilliant despite the simplicity.

Tell me honestly, you wouldn't would you use this product on your desk?

CALENCLOCK experimental formats



Honey project by Stefanie Golla

Bees are the protagonists of this student project. The best way to merge the subject of research and knowledge of the theme is to create a form of communication that is elegantly in the two. Does not go unnoticed.

The 7 magazines that make up the research are “bound” with a wood and placed just like a beehive bee houses.

experimental formats honey project


So, don't you think that these examples are interesting from a design perspective?

There are many graphic designers who choose to design promotional materials “leave a mark” and they definitely don't go unnoticed.

What about you? What do you think?

You choose for your next project a creative and original way to target your customers? Let me know with a comment below and share your experience.

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