About me

Hey there!

Whoever you are, student or creative, designer or viewer in search of inspiration, you're here to solve a problem or know a new artist or find an interesting project that can tickle your creativity and push you to create something unique and special.

I am like you.

I like to learn and know, I like to be inspired and create. I love finding out how ideas are born, how to design and then how realize . In addition I like the stories well told.

I love the creativity in all its forms and I am convinced that you are like me. Am I wrong?

In this blog you read interviews with young artists that are a source of inspiration for their creativity with interesting tips for those who want to pursue a career as an Illustrator.

You can download many resources for your freelance work, improving your portfolio and your skills. Also you will find many tutorials to learn how to develop your creativity and challenge you to always give the best.


Who I am?

My name is Valentina Accinni, I'm 30 and-something years old and I live in Milan (Italy). Work as art director freelance , to see my work please visit my portfolio on vntf205.com.

I founded the blog inspirewetrust.com a few years ago because I wanted to measure with the world of web, say mine and collect inspirations , creative ideas and useful resources for my work.

My goal is to help you and suggest helpful resources and insights to improve your work and achieve better result effectively.



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